Stevegane Project "When the Time is a Present" (2011)

Forever Einstein "Artificial Horizon" (1990)

Al Stewart "Past, Present and Future" (1974)

Room "Pre-Flight" (1970)

Khatsaturjan "Disconcerto Grosso" (2010)

Julverne "Coulonneux" (1979)

Stackridge "Extravaganza" (1975)

Univers Zero "Ceux du Dehors" (1981)

Greenslade "Greenslade" (1973)

Oaksenham "Conquest of the Pacific" (2007)

Bo Hansson "Music Inspired by Watership Down" (1977)

Wobbler "Rites at Dawn" (2011)

Renaissance "Novella" (1977)

Mikael Ramel "Extra Vagansa" (1974)

A Triggering Myth "The Remedy of Abstraction" (2006)

Rupert Hine "Pick up a Bone" (1971)

Dirk 'Mont' Campbell "Music From a Walled Garden" (2009)