Bootcut "Hammond vs Drums" (2005)

Happy the Man "The Muse Awakens" (2004)

Ain Soph "A Story of Mysterious Forest" (1980)

Ketil Bjørnstad "Seafarer's Song" (2004)

Renaud Lhoest "From Anastasia" (2012)

The Zorn Trio plays Mats Johansson (1996)

Franck Dervieux "Dimension ‘M’" (1972)

Altrock Chamber Quartet "Sonata Islands goes RIO" (2012)

Diabolus "Diabolus [High Tones]" (1971)

Pekka Pohjola "Changing Waters" (1992)

Acanthe "Someone Somewhere" (1973-77; 2009)

Troy Donockley "Messages" (2012)

Contraction "La Bourse ou la Vie" (1974)

Happy the Man "3rd: Better Late..." (1983)

Gordon Giltrap & Rick Wakeman "From Brush and Stone" (2009)